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EdTech Device Insurance

Educational Technology is moving fast. Students as early as kindergarten are now receiving devices like iPads and Chromebooks as part of their education. With this responsibility, comes the risk of breakage, loss, or theft. We cover all of it!

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Each district has different needs, and has different resources available at their disposal. Because of this, each program we create is unique. There are no cookie cutter insurance programs. We will work with your district to uncover the best possible options and execute.

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For a low price, we offer district parents the safety and security of a full insurance plan on their child's EdTech device. We assume the risks so that they are not liable for damages in the event of a loss. You can count on us to be there.

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Equity in Technology Part 1: Insuring Ensures Equity

eq·ui·ty /ˈekwədē/ noun 1. the quality of being fair and impartial. What is equity in technology, in the context of school issued edtech devices? Simply put, it is leveling the playing field between students with means, and without means, to be granted fair access to devices which have revolutionized the way children are learning. Equity […]

Filling the Holes in Extended Warranties

One topic that is a part of many discussions we have with districts is how School Device Coverage (SDC) works with, and alongside the extended manufacturer warranties that they’ve already purchased. The answer is only complex, because there are so many variables. Generally speaking, if you carry an extended manufacturer warranty on your devices, you […]

How to Insure with School Device Coverage

Getting covered is simple. If your child’s school district has offered coverage through School Device Coverage, simply Click Here to get started. If you need further assistance, call us at 888-978-3515, email us at, or watch the video below!

Device Breakage Is On The Rise

As the popularity of 1:1 computing programs is on the rise, so are the figures on how often these devices get damaged, as well as the replacement costs. The average time it takes from purchasing your device to breaking it is 10 weeks. That means that within the first two and a half months of […]

Some of the Best iPad and Chromebook Cases

Many schools and districts are now working to eradicate the paper-based learning model, with the introduction of a 1:1 program (one student, one device) which provides children with portable devices like the iPads and Chromebooks, many of which are able to be taken off of school grounds with the student. It can be exciting for […]

EdTech in the Classroom, and Home

Hi, I’m Matt Morelli, the director of business development with U-PIC Insurance Services, and School Device Coverage. I’m the father of a pre-teen, who has been using educational technology devices in the classroom for the past few years. I like to think I am rather young, though my joints may tell a different story. But […]